Short courses for medical students: Why choose Small Surgery Courses to learn circumcision?

Online medical training programmes grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when medical specialists had no option but to put coursework online to accommodate potential students affected by the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by authorities.

The short health courses currently available regarding male circumcision will differ depending on the focus. Some are directed toward health policymakers to provide updates on the latest scientific evidence of the protection against HIV transmission afforded by male circumcision. Others may focus on reducing sexually transmitted diseases through circumcision, the religious aspect, or general male health.

When considering an online course to learn or specialise in male circumcision, here are some reasons to choose Small Surgery Courses for online learning.

Keep up to date with the latest techniques

Medical students and qualified surgeons may take a short course to bring them up to date on surgical techniques for circumcision, the various methods used, methods for minimising potential complications and pre-and post-procedure protocols.

Learn using virtual reality

A doctor can take a surgical assistant course in Australia to enable them to assist when the surgeon performs circumcisions or other outpatient surgical procedures.

These short medical courses employ various learning methodologies such as videos, interactive question and answer sessions, and simulations. Other virtual concepts may include holoportation or Smartglasses, which enable a student to feel like they are in the room with the surgeon and benefit should the surgeon want to point out certain aspects during the procedure.

Become a circumcision specialist

Choosing a small surgery course presented by a circumcision doctor who has chosen this speciality is beneficial for qualified doctors who wish to specialise in the procedure.

The circumcision course presenter will have expertise honed through performing thousands of circumcisions on babies, teens and adults. The knowledge is then shared through a health informatics course for qualified professionals to bring them up to date with the latest techniques in providing a precise and risk-free procedure.

Direct access to renowned practitioners in the field of circumcision

The various techniques in performing circumcisions are discussed with all the pros and cons. Some techniques are better for newborns, while others are better for adults. The short surgery courses teach the best outcome for the particular patient.

When doctors choose to take a short health course with Dr Mohamed Hajoona, they can rest assured that the course is of top quality. The course presenter has studied both in the US and Canada and has worked as a GP in Australia for the past 14 years. He is also a member of the Circumcision Academy of Australia, which is affiliated with the Circumcision Academy of America. Dr Hajoona practices at the Victoria Circumcision Clinic, Melbourne and is fluent in English and Arabic.

Face-to-face time included in training

The benefits of a short medical course in circumcision are numerous. Busy surgeons who do not have the time to attend a medical institution can study via an online short course at their place and pace.

The freedom of online learning makes gaining extra qualifications quicker and more convenient than having to travel, wait for specific days when the course will be held in person and rearrange schedules to accommodate lecture times. It is essential to have access to the surgeon presenting the course to learn the practical aspects of successful circumcisions from an expert, and the course provider will provide the requisite face-to-face time.

Reduce pain and suffering from complications

The short medical courses in Australia related to circumcision will train the participant in methods for newborn, teen and adult male circumcision. Course participants are made aware of the benefits. Reducing urinary tract infections and eliminating infections and other conditions related to the foreskin are just two of the physical benefits of circumcision.

For adult men, the procedure is carried out for a condition known as phimosis, when the foreskin is so tight it will not pull back over the head of the penis. When this happens, besides the pain when the penis is erect, the person may not be able to empty the bladder properly, and inflammation of the penis can occur, resulting in a condition called balanitis.

Paraphimosis can cause the head of the penis to be swollen and painful when the foreskin cannot be returned to its usual position after being pulled back. Serious complications, such as restricted blood flow to the penis, can result from this condition.

Contribute to the reduction in serious STDs

The risk for acquiring and transmitting sexually transmitted diseases is lower for circumcised adults. The various methods and techniques for male circumcision will be discussed during the online medical courses for doctors.

A surgeon can benefit from taking the course in circumcision as the procedure is not provided in the Australian public hospital system unless the person has a medical condition that would benefit from the procedure.

A short medical course in circumcision allows a medical student or a qualified professional to supplement the knowledge gained at medical school with techniques and tips from a professional who has performed thousands of procedures and can best advise on which involve the least pain and have the best outcomes.
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