Early Infancy Male Circumcision Eimc

Course 1: Early Infancy Male Circumcision (EIMC)

This is a practical course designed for healthcare professionals who would like to develop or improve their circumcision skills, whilst learning to provide a safe, effective and modern Infant Male Circumcision Service. 

The course consists of a series of lessons encompassing all the aspects of early infancy circumcision. Additionally, we provide practical tips, useful advice, and all the key safety information you need. All attempts are made to ensure the most recent and evidence-based practices are delivered.

Hands On Training Eimc

Course 2: EIMC: Hands On Training

Hands-on practical experience performing early infancy male circumcision.

Course 3: Adolescent and Adult Male Circumcision (AAMC) Preparation

  • This course is intended to help providers prepare to perform safe surgical or device-based circumcision on adolescent and adult males (with normal anatomy and without contraindications) under local anesthesia.
  • Upon completion of this course, providers will be ready to commence a circumcision procedure on an adolescent and adult male with the device/technique of their preference.
  • The different devices and techniques will be taught in other courses.
  • Participation in the course allows for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to be submitted to the relevant accreditation bodies.


Adolescent And Adult Male Circumcision Aamc

Course 4: ShangRing (SR) Device for AAMC

This is a practical course designed to introduce the participant to the ShangRing device for male circumcision. The training includes the manufacturer’s usage requirements to ensure safe and efficient equipment operation.

The course provides practical recommendations for ShangRing device usage, wound care, and removal, as well as essential safety information. 


Hands On Training Shangring Sr Circumcision
Hands On Training Surgical Circumcision

Course 5: SR Circ: Hands On Training

This course will provide you hands-on experience performing male circumcision with the ShangRing device.




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