Course 5: SR for AAMC: Hands On Training

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SR Circ Hands On Training Components:

Looking after the patient

  • Tour of clinic setup
  • Attending Patient Consultation for Circumcisions procedure
  • Topical Anesthesia Application for Patient
  • Review patients before discharge home.
  • Responding to postoperative patient concerns

Topics for discussion:

  • Procedure Setup: Room and Instruments.
  • Local Anesthesia Preparation
  • Analgesia Algorithm:
  1. Topical Anesthesia
  2. Local Anesthesia
  3. Oral Analgesia
  4. Injectable Analgesia
  5. Rescue Analgesia, eg Penthrox

Practical Training:

  • “Less Pain” Local Anesthesia Administration Tip/Tricks
  • Practice on model “Less Pain” Local Anesthesia Administration
  • Practice on models SR Circumcision

Participating in/Performing Procedures

  • Planning the Procedure
  • Cleaning & Preparing the Skin
  • Anesthetic Administration
  • SR Device application
  • SR Removal


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