Course 2: EIMC: Hands On Training

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The course is conducted on a one-to-one basis. The participant follows the patient from the initial consultation to the final review prior to clinic discharge. There will be an introduction to local Anesthesia Administration Tips and Tricks for “Less Pain”. Applicants have the opportunity to practice “Less Pain” Local Anesthesia Administration on plastic models. After observing live procedures, applicants are invited to assist in the procedures.

The great majority of Dr. M. Hajoona’s newborn surgeries involve the Plastic Ring Technique. As such, this device will be introduced to the participant, along with the Mogen Clamp technique.

Plastic models are offered for circumcision practice. Highly competent practitioners have performed, with guidance, procedures on patients.

Individuals acquire knowledge at varying rates, but previous participants found that five full days was adequate to provide them with a good foundation in the method. Concessions can be made for experienced practitioners. This training will provide you with hands-on practical experience.


Section 1: Looking after the patient

  • Attending Patient Consultation for Circumcisions procedure
  • Topical Anesthesia Application for Patient
  • Review patients before discharge home
  • Responding to postoperative patient concerns

Section 2: Topics for discussion:

  • Procedure Setup: 
    • Room and Instruments. 
    • Local Anesthesia Preparation
  • Analgesia Algorithm:
    • Topical Anesthesia
    • Local Anesthesia
    • Oral Analgesia
  • “Less Pain” Local Anesthesia Administration Tip/Tricks

Section 3: Practical Training:

  • Practice on model “Less Pain” Local Anesthesia Administration
  • Practice on models Plastic Ring Circumcision

Section 4: Participating/Performing procedures

  • Planning the Procedure
  • Cleaning & Preparing the Skin
  • Anesthetic Administration


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